Fixed or Mobile License Plate capture

License Plates

These cameras are integrated with a advanced system that provides the ability to search by vehicle make, model and color. Alerts are used to notify of a black listed vehicle that should not be on the property or a vehicle of interest wanted by the police.

Improve safety and experiences

OpenALPR enables law enforcement and home owners to protect their communities while businesses boost customer loyalty.

Public Safety

Electronic Tolling

Security & Automation

Parking Operations

Software Development

Customer Loyalty


Next-generation license plate recognition is now affordable

AI-driven ALPR allows officers to accelerate investigations to close more cases, faster. Rekor provides highly accurate, flexible, and affordable fixed and mobile vehicle recognition solutions to ensure law enforcement agencies receive actionable intelligence that save time, resources and ultimately lives.

  • Real-time alerting of plates and vehicles
  • Connect to existing IP, traffic and security cameras
  • Individual and shared hotlist platform


Protect your family and property

Neighborhoods are increasingly adopting safety programs to thwart criminals and keep their homes and loved ones safe. Rekor’s AI-driven vehicle recognition allows neighborhoods to prevent and stop crimes targeted close to their homes and families. And if a crime does occur, neighborhoods can provide law enforcement with actionable evidence to help solve the case.

  • Affordable subscription and easy installation
  • Integrate into new or existing security cameras
  • Share data with law enforcement to aid investigations


Enhance your existing security infrastructure and detect threats before they get inside

The adoption of security systems, both in schools and businesses, has increased significantly over the past few decades. Rekor can take existing, under-powered IP cameras and revolutionize them by adding advanced license plate and vehicle recognition capabilities.

  • Real-time alerts for prohibited vehicles
  • Share data with law enforcement to aid investigations
  • Approved vehicles can enter seamlessly

Beyond the plate

Receive real-time alerts

Even without a known plate, receive alerts based on other vehicle attributes to accelerate your investigation.

Locate vehicles of interest

Rekor’s advanced vehicle recognition technology allows you to search for vehicles based on color, make, model and state of origin.

Detect anomalies and unsafe conditions

Rekor can help keep roads safe by identifying unusual traffic patterns and hazardous circumstances.