How To Guide

March Networks Dunkin’s Server Address

Dunkin CES A

Dunkin CES B

Dunkin CES C

Installing Command Client

1 – Download Command Client.

2 – Open file to start the Installation process.

3 – Download Command Client
Select “I agree..” and Click Install

4 – Press Yes to allow the app make changes.

5 – Wait for the software copy the files on your computer.

6 – Click Close to finish the installation process.

7 – Locate the Command Client icon on your desktop.

8 – Fill out the Server Address of one of the servers listed above. Insert your credentials and click Log In.

Installing Command Client Mobile

2 – Install the App

3 – Press the blue button to add a server

3 – Fill in your servers address

4 – Fill in the username and password

5 – Press on the folder labeled with your Company Name or PC Number

6 – To view all the cameras, click the first option, or to view the cameras individually, click on the camera name

7 – To view a specific date, click on the image and then click on the calendar icon.

Installing Command Mobile Plus

2 – Click on the white circle with the plus sign to add the server.

3 – Fill in server IP and name. Pay attention when typing the server address in the IP Address field. Click Enter and insert your username and password.

4 – Click on video Access to access your cameras. 

5 – Click on specific camera

6 – To access past recordings click on the calendar icon in the bottom right then select the specific date. 

Changing March Networks Password

(Note: user credentials cannot be changed via Web Client or the Command Mobile Smartphone App).

1 – Launch Command Client

2 – Enter the Server Address you log on to

3 – Enter your User Name

4 – Click the Change Password link

5 – Enter your old password

6 – Enter the new password which meets the password policy requirements

Password Minimum Requirements:

  • 12 Characters
  • 1 Upper Case
  • 1 Lower Case
  • Special Characters (! @ # $ % ^ & * for example)

7 – Click Confirm