Drive-Thru Systems

Drive-thru headset systems and timers work to optimize employee productivity and drive-thru service, speed and sales.

Making sure drive-thru restaurant orders are handled quickly and accurately is an excellent way to improve the QSR customer experience and keep guests coming back.

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A New Era in Restaurant Communication is Here

NEXEO | HDX takes communication beyond the drive-thru and into key areas of your restaurant, maximizing productivity and exceeding service expectations. Specially developed for an industry evolving faster than ever before, NEXEO is the restaurant industry’s first communication platform designed to grow with your business. Enhance the drive-thru ordering experience with HDX Digital Audio, increase efficiency with group and one-to-one conversations, improve workflows with voice commands, and more. NEXEO is more than the next generation of drive-thru headsets, NEXEO is the total solution for communication inside and outside the restaurant.

Beyond the Drive-Thru

NEXEO is engineered to facilitate multiple independent conversations at the same time, enabling your team to stay connected to each other and to key areas of your restaurant, including mobile order pickup and other wait areas, without affecting drive-thru communication.

Unmatched Digital Audio

HDX Digital Audio enhances the ordering experience in a fully digital implementation from speaker post to headset and establishes future-proof drive-thru communication. Whether it’s a crew member or a bot taking orders, you and your customers will experience crystal clear audio quality for superior order accuracy.

Optimize Your Team Communication

With NEXEO, you can have multiple independent conversations taking place at the same time without impacting drive-thru communication. Make one-to-one calls to provide praise or feedback, keeping your staff focused and engaged. Start a group call to deliver information needed by a team, increasing efficiency and improving service across all areas of your restaurant.

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